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Strength and Conditioning

Courtesy: USF Athletics
          Release: 02/03/2012
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University of Sioux Falls Strength and Conditioning Mission Statement

 Improve. Shield. Educate.

 How this is achieved:

 - Improve

 o Ground Based, Multi Joint, 3-Dimensional

 o Force Development

 o Train for sport/position

 o Individualized Workouts

 - Shield

 o Assessments

 § FMS

 § Other

 o Single Leg Strength

 o Core

 - Educate

 o Recovery – Sleep and Nutrition and Other Methods

 o Proper Lift Form

 o Proper Run Form

The philosophy of the program is broken down into five separate Three-Dimensional areas all of which are equally important and intertwined with each other. We value the importance both psychologically and physically of ensuring that an athlete is able to compete and minimize time in the athletic training room. The utilization of training for function and movement helps reduce the risk of injury and maximize performance (See the links at the bottom of the page for a more in-depth look at USF's Strength and Conditioning Philosophy).

USF Strength & Conditioning Staff

For more information, click on the links below.

General Information
General (All Sports) Information

Video Instruction

Sport Specific
Baseball Workouts

Basketball Workouts

Football Workouts

Soccer Workouts

Softball Workouts

Volleyball Workouts

Workout Videos:Spring Combine
                        Winter Conditioning

USF Softball training hard during the off season at the Student Fitness Center 

Three-Dimensionality of Function and Movement
Area One - Mind, Body, and Spirit
Area Two – Frontal, Sagittal, and Transverse
Area Three – Neurological, Muscular, and Skeletal
Area Four – Mobility, Strength, and Conditioning
Area Five - Servant Mentality

Components of USF's Program

Ground Based Movements
Multi Joint Movements
Technical Progressions
Speed of Movement
Progressive Overload
Individual Program Design
Training the Injured Athlete
Character Development

Mobility and Stability
Power and Explosion
Biomechanical Analysis
Strength, Performance, and Conditioning Testing
Sport and Position Specific Conditioning

Live & On-demand
Audio and Video
No Live Events in the Near Future